5.2 Editing/Modifying NFTs with AI: Inpainting and Outpainting

One of the groundbreaking features of Recktangle is the ability for users to edit their existing NFTs using advanced AI tools. These tools include:

Inpainting: This feature allows users to make alterations within the original image, using AI to generate content that seamlessly integrates with the existing artwork. It's like rewriting the story of an NFT without changing its fundamental essence.

Outpainting: With outpainting, users can extend their NFTs beyond the original borders, adding new AI-generated content to expand the narrative of their digital art. This feature empowers artists to take their creations to new horizons, literally pushing the boundaries of their digital canvas.

These tools empower artists to transform ordinary artworks into extraordinary creations, ensuring that each NFT evolves and stays as dynamic as the imagination that created it.

To give a breif example of how an inpainted and an outpainted model looks. Here are a two examples: The first example refers to the outpainting ability. On the left side you see the original version of the AI generated image and then with outpainting, one is basically extending past the boundaries and adding more generated content and data as explained by the AI generated image on the right below. Here the more data was created around the initial image and as such the image expanded.

Now an example of inpainting ability. With inpainting one is not expanding beyond the image's existing borders but instead making changes right inside of that. One way to look at it would be that you are editing the contents of the images by using more AI generated content. If you look below the left image is the original AI generated but then if you look at the right one, everything remains the same except for the discord banner. This is an example of inpaiting where you mark an area and then using AI image generation to create more or different kind of styles in an already existing image.

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