3.1 Overview of the Exclusive and the first of its kind, The Ever Stone Syndicate Collection

Recktangle proudly introduces its exclusive the Ever Stone Syndicate Collection of AI-generated NFTs, a testament to the fusion of artistic creativity and advanced technology. Our collection is categorized into four distinct subcategories, each representing a unique level of rarity and artistic expression:

  • Flame Fossils: 7000 pieces

  • Cobalt Crystals: 3500 pieces

  • Amethyst Antiques: 875 pieces

  • The Noir Stones: 100 pieces

Each subcategory represents a different level of rarity and uniqueness.

Each piece in The Ever Stones Syndicate Collection is not just a digital asset; it's a symbol of creativity, uniqueness, and the owner's vision. Owners of these NFTs are entitled to various benefits that enhance their experience in the NFT world.

These benefits include royalties from resales, freedoms in our marketplace, early access to cutting-edge tools, VIP lounge access in our Discord community, and much more. The rarity and scarcity of each subcategory add significant value and appeal, making them sought-after pieces in the digital art world.

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