10.3 The Road Map

Recktangle Roadmap*: The Adventure Continues!

Stage 1: Q1 2024 - "NFT Collection Launch (The Digital Art Revolution Begins!)"

  • We're kicking things off with our exclusive The Ever Stones Syndicate NFT collection. This is where art meets the future – a showcase of digital masterpieces available for the world.

Stage 2: Q2 2024 - "Marketplace Development Finalization (Perfecting the Platform)"

  • Our dedicated team is in high gear, ensuring that every pixel of the marketplace is polished and ready for its debut.

Stage 3: Q2 2024 - "Release App (Your Portal to Digital Wonders)"

  • The Recktangle app is here! Navigate the world of NFTs with ease and style. It's your one-stop-shop for all things digital art.

Stage 4: Q2 2024 - "Marketplace Official Launch (Open for Creativity!)"

  • The marketplace goes live! A place where collectors and creators converge, where every transaction is a journey into the heart of digital creativity.

Stage 5: Q2 2024 - "AI Tools Integration: Inpainting and Outpainting (Elevating Art)"

  • As the marketplace thrives, we introduce revolutionary AI tools. Artists, get ready to push the boundaries of your creativity with Inpainting and Outpainting.

Stage 6: Q2 2024 - "Token Launch (Introducing Our Token to the World)"

  • In line with the blossoms of spring, our token makes its grand entry. This isn't just a cryptocurrency; it's the cornerstone of our ecosystem.

Stage 7: Q3 2024 - "Token Integration in Marketplace (Fusing Art with Our Token)"

  • Over two months, we meticulously integrate our token into the marketplace. It's a fusion of art, commerce, and our unique digital currency, enhancing the way you interact and transact.

Stage 8: Q3 2024 Onwards - "ReckVerse Development (Building a Universe)"

  • The ReckVerse is taking shape – an immersive, boundless virtual universe that promises to redefine the digital experience.

Stage 9: 2025 Long-Term Goals - "Priority Access to ReckVerse for NFT Holders (VIP Exploration)"

  • NFT holders, your loyalty earns you first dibs into the ReckVerse. Be the pioneers in a world that's set to change the digital landscape.

Stage 10: 2025 Long-Term Goals - "Public Launch of ReckVerse (A Universe for Everyone)"

  • Finally, the ReckVerse opens its gates to all. A world of exploration, interaction, and unparalleled digital experiences awaits.

Stay tuned for the next exciting stage in our journey! The Recktangle Roadmap is your guide to an adventure filled with art, technology, and endless possibilities. Let's make some digital history together!

*Note: At Recktangle, we've carefully crafted our roadmap based on thorough analysis and realistic expectations. Our commitment is to diligently work towards reaching each milestone in a timely and efficient manner. However, we acknowledge the dynamic nature of our industry and the complexities involved in pioneering new technologies and experiences.

Please be aware that the dates mentioned in our roadmap are targets set according to our best analysis and projections. While we strive to meet these deadlines, there may be instances where adjustments are necessary. In such cases, any changes to the timeline will be clearly communicated, and our roadmap will be updated to reflect these modifications.

We believe in transparency and keeping our community informed and engaged. Rest assured, any updates or changes to the roadmap will be shared promptly, ensuring that all stakeholders are kept up to date with the latest developments.

Our journey is as much yours as it is ours, and we're committed to navigating it together with clarity, openness, and a shared vision for the future.

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